Friday, March 19, 2010


It all came to me in this one class of a course which focuses upon human relationships and interactions. Generally I tend to like the subject, however, this one course tries to put human beings and their actions in a structure, that I believe is not really possible, and rigid ones at that..
The day's topic was 'Decision Making' and I felt It would be interesting, however, it wasn't to be. It hit the heights of absurdity when the facilitator tried fitting different models (one of them aptly named 'The garbage can model') into the process of choosing one's life partner. One of the most important, beautiful, emotional and sensitive choices in one's life was being put forward as reaching a 'solution' to the 'problem at hand'!! All through the past two months, I had been constantly holding onto my belief in the subject against the wishes of people around me and then there was my super-ego forcing me to being diligent, paying attention in class and being a 'ghissoo' as it is put in our XL community. However, this class got too much for even me and I lost myself in my thoughts......
Decision....A very important aspect of one's life. A single word that can make the world turn on it's head.
Decisions are made at every step, at every moment.....I look back... that one moment when I decided to not give in to certain pressures and chose to pursue an MBA,the moment I decided to break the shackles and inhibitions in my mind and let go...fall in love..., the decision I made to be the way I am, the decsion to listen to the music I do, to gaze at the stars in the night sky, to pick up a flower, appreciate it & feel the joy within.....there are somany more..too many to be listed...changing every moment, every hour, every lifetime..
The decisions I have made till date, some right but quite a few wrong, however, I don't regret having made them....They helped me become the person I am.
The class is almost over...Time well spent...
My take away from the lecture, a random flow of thoughts, a goofy smile on my face and an interesting 'fact'....
'If we change a molecule of a painkiller, we will get a hairspray...' (collected from the presentation given by the lecturer during one of the rare moments when I decided to pay attention in class).
Did you know that?? :-P


  1. there something more than 2by2 matrices and models?? :P

    Garbage can model...dats something!

    Painkiller-hairspray :o :o

    Regretting the decisions is the most redundant thing we can ever do...whats done is sone and we've got enough lessons...liked the post! :)

  2. The painkiller hairspray thing is a joke!! Not a fact. The Idiot succeeded in explaining and analysing it to the point that you actually ceased to believe it was a joke. Off with his head!

  3. @ Varun: Thanks! :-)
    @ Gadre: The fact that I suck at the subject of chemistry has been established long ago in school...but it comes back to haunt me yet again!!

  4. make one more decision - show this blog to the people who call you ghissoo...