Friday, February 14, 2014

The Breath of Life

A whiff of new air, 
a sweet, fragrant breeze swirled all around me.
It was so refreshing, so pleasant...
"Should I step beyond and embrace it with all my soul?"
In the intoxication of the moment, out I ran.
My arms wide open, I could feel the wind on every inch of me.
Blowing through my hair, hitting my face gently, caressing me with love.
A whirlwind ensued, things flew to heights never before, 
Oh the rush! The high! The euphoria! 
The wind settled, and time passes on as a gentle breeze,
as refreshing as before, discovering new nooks and corners, 
Lifting me high into the sky, the whole world beneath, just us above it all.
It plays with me, tosses me around, it teases me, it makes me smile.
It stays with me all along now,
every moment, every second, 
It is in every moment I live, it keeps my soul alive, 
it's my breath of life.

Written after a really long time... Feels nice! For Joop. 

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