Friday, May 22, 2009

As I think about what to write, my eyes wander out of the window and I notice the stillness of the leaves of the marvelous flaming red Spatunia (Palash) tree in front of my house.Even the beauty of the Palash flowers aren't enough to douse the desire for the city to be blessed again with the Nor'westers....our dear own kalbaishakhi.The word 'blessed' might seem inapt...lots of people suffer due to these thunderstorms, but i believe that it doesn't help highlighting the negative and talking about it.If I need to contribute in the path of recovery on any front it shall be via actions when I I'll use my words to express beauty and hope...
The talk of Kalbaishakhi reminds me of the first day it arrived in the was just one of those scorching days,Kolkata had been simmering under the scorching sun with temperatures hovering around 42 degrees!!!The weather forecasters had mentioned about the arrival of nor'westers soon,but they are almost always wrong,i thought.A Sunday,I remember,Sunday being the only day all our working friends are free on..We all met up for lunch..just one of those regular 'catching ups'.The sun shining down with all it's force,we found solace in the cool interiors of Mc Donalds..Surrounded by all these Americans who seemed to have found safe haven and home in the midst of Park Street.Joking,updating each other about our lives,fooling around followed...
After lunch we decided to take a walk down to our college and the area around.After a merry conversation with our college Darwanji we proceeded towards a small park sheltered from the hustle bustle of Park Street..A small lake with a pathway around for walkers...
We went and took a seat around the lake.While all others were chatting I was trying to make stones 'bounce' on water,much in vain.And then suddenly it came.....
A cool breeze brushed against my face and I looked up to find a HUGE black cloud slowly devouring the blue sky,the sun and all...I was overjoyed..the breeze grew stronger..The trees rustled all around us.A coconut tree seemed to bow down thank Him for His grace.A crack of thunder and a lightening cut through the sky...Oh!!The beauty of power,of those forked lines..and then I felt it upon me...The cool drops that every Kolkatan had been craving for.The fragrance of the wet earth filled my nostrils.Soon the clear,smooth,glassy lake was full of ripples with the breeze enhancing them.Out of one corner of the park there emerged a family of ducks,a mother with five ducklings,all white with one duckling being black.Randomly,reminded me of 'The Ugly Duckling'.They embraced the waters of the lake leaving ephemeral trails behind them.Out came the camera phones and all my friends started to capture the wonderful moment to keep with themselves forever.I however decided to capture them in my mind.As I got soaked in the rain,I was drenched to the core with memories.The fun and laughter that ensued was accompanied by a dash of nostalgia triggered in me..It took me back to the days of with most of us scattered and busy,these days have become very rare,and to me,very precious.We ultimately took shelter in one corner of the park.The conversation veered to cricket which was the major topic in the minds of all,with the IPL Season commencing.While I joined into the conversation,there were moments where I lost myself in the forming and breaking of droplets on the iron fence..
With the rain slowly coming to a stop we decided to give the 'Rainy day' a perfect addition in a cup of cha and hot samosas at Vien.On the way there,we made a stop at a church..A small one and the most silent one I'v ever been to..As we sat down for a while with our eyes closed,on one hand I felt so much at peace while, the other hand,I don't know why,there was this heaviness in my heart.
Downing the steaming samosas and cha we made our way back home...splashing through the puddles...smiles on the faces of all the people on the street..A weird sense of camaraderie in sharing the joy of the nor'westers.It didn't just cool off the weather..It did a lot more than that i'm sure..


  1. hi there, this is quite nice. first comment. you have a fan and a follower. cheers!

  2. it is really nice. just loved the description given. sigh. i wish i could be in cal to experience the kalboishakhis this year.

  3. hey my mitti-this could only be you-with such transparent thoughts coming out staright from the heart without any blemishes .
    wherever you are may you be happy in whatever you do